A/V Contractor Who Hired Interns at Churches Accused of Solicitation of a Minor

A man investigators say used his position in a church to hire young girls as interns and then proposition them is facing a charge of criminal solicitation of a minor, officials with the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office say.

Kenneth Tyler Hostin, 33, was arrested by the sheriff’s department on Aug. 19 after an underage teenager told a camp counselor he asked her for naked photos, to strip and to masturbate in front of him, according to an arrest warrant obtained by NBC 5.

Hostin, officials said in the court document, worked for Epic, a company contracted to provide audio/video services to several area churches. It was at those churches, investigators said, Hostin used his position to contact young females and hire them under the guise of being an intern. He would then solicit sex acts from these young females, investigators said.

Investigators said they talked with three females who worked for Hostin at one time or another and all of them reported inappropriate behavior and being propositioned.

The girl who reached out to a camp counselor in June about her experience said she began working for Hostin as an intern that month and that it was arranged through her church, Compass Church.

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