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For information on additional cases that Tahira Khan Merritt has successfully resolved on behalf of survivors of abuse, please click on the following links and you will be taken directly to the database record for the named individual. If the individual is not included on the database because he or she is associated with another religion, school or institution, please see one or two key links listed directly below the name

In 2012, Father Bruce Duncan MacArthur died in Clint, Texas, a small community near El Paso. His long and sordid history of molesting ( by his own admission at least 30 girls) when he was working as a Catholic priest in South Dakota, Wisconsin and Texas was not publically known until it was exposed in a June 26, 2014 article published in the San Antonio Express-News. Read more here

Anthony “Tony” Hernandez Gonzales

Father Anthony “Tony” Hernandez Gonzales was ordained in 1957 as a member of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate and spent much of his career working in various Texas parishes, dioceses and archdioceses, including San Antonio, Houston, Laredo, Brownsville, Uvalde, Elgin, Sabinal, Eagle Pass and Austin. He was also assigned to various parishes in Thunder Bay, Canada. By 1961, complaints had begun to pour in regarding his sexual misconduct involving girls and women and his inabilities to perform his priestly duties. Over the next 20 years, he was frequently transferred and spent much time in treatment and in therapy. “Fr. Tony” continued to concentrate on abusing teenage girls who were members of the parishes where he was assigned by his religious order, The Oblates of Mary Immaculate.

By October, 1981, “Fr. Tony” was working at Immaculate Conception parish in Houston, Texas. There he met “Jane Doe”.  She was barely 15 years old and homeless, living in an abandoned house with her mentally ill mother. Father Tony was some 40 years older than “Jane.” She testified that Fr. Tony taught her to pray, wrote poems for her, serenaded her with his guitar, gave her hot meals and warm baths at the rectory with the knowledge of the parish pastor. The sexual abuse continued for several years. Father Tony even told her he loved her and would marry her. By April, 1983, she was pregnant and gave birth to a daughter in January 1984. But by February, 1984, Fr. Tony left Houston, supposedly to seek permission from the Vatican to marry Jane. Instead he was transferred by the Oblates from Texas for Canada where he promptly resumed his abusive behavior with yet another 13 year old girl who he eventually married. He fathered several children with this girl.

During the course of the 2006 lawsuit filed by Jane Doe in Bexar County, Texas against the Oblates and Gonzales, he admitted he had fathered at least eight children while he was a priest with various young girls, mostly in Texas. He also testified that his employer, the Oblates, knew throughout his career of his “problems” but continued to assign him to parish after parish despite that knowledge. The lawsuit was settled for a confidential amount in 2008.

Msgr. Hugh Clarke Diocese of Corpus Christi

Rev. David Espitia Diocese of San Angelo

Fairhill School / Matthew Adams (Teacher)

Rev. John Fiala – Archdiocese of San Antonio, Archdiocese of Omaha, Diocese of Corpus Christi and The Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity (SOLT). Updated information regarding case here

Rev. Vincent Inametti – Diocese of Fort Worth

Msgr. Richard E. Johnson Diocese of Dallas

Fr. Nicholas Katinas – Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America

(Rev) Rudolph “Rudy” Kos – Diocese of Dallas (Ms. Merritt assisted in the two month trial of this case prior to establishing her own firm)

Rev. William Paiz – Diocese of Fort Worth and Claretian Missionaries

Rev. Msgr. James J. Reilly – Diocese of Fort Worth and Diocese of Dallas

(Rev.) Rudolf Renteria – Diocese of Fort Worth

TMI – The Episcopal School of Texas

Rev. Joseph (Nguyen Ngoc) Tu – Diocese of Fort Worth and Dominican Order