Child Sexual Groomers and how to banish them by Daniel Pollack

Cockroaches, those infamous, hearty and adaptable bugs, can withstand hostile temperatures that few other creatures can endure. Chameleons, known for their ability to change their appearance, can effortlessly merge with their environment. In the desert? Go brown. In the jungle? Go green.

Child sexual groomers are far superior to roaches and chameleons. The challenge to law enforcement and the general public is that groomers hide in plain sight, not by enduring intense scrutiny or by blending in, but by appearing so positively friendly and caring.

The news headlines from just the past few weeks give a vivid picture of the many faces of child sexual groomers:

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By Daniel Pollack is a professor at Yeshiva University’s School of Social Work and a frequent expert witness in cases involving child abuse and foster care. Contact:; 212-960-0836.

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