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Is Your Lawyer Trauma Informed A “trauma-informed lawyer” is one who is experienced in representing victims of trauma, especially victims of crime.  Because litigation itself  can be a  traumatic process, it is important  to hire a lawyer who recognizes the role trauma plays in the lawyer-client relationship so as not to revictimized  the client.  A lawyer  experienced in trauma-informed practices allows you and your  lawyer  the opportunity to increase connections...
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Sexual Abuse by a medical or therapeutic provider is not only a violation of trust and medical ethics but, in many States, it is a violation of criminal and civil law. When you go to the doctor, dentist, hospital, counselor, physical therapist, or any other medical or therapeutic professionals, trust is inherent. But, unfortunately, sexual assault and sexual abuse in a medical setting is more prevalent and often under-reported or...
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A civil lawsuit was filed Thursday, January 30, 2020 in Dallas County Court at Law #3, Cause No. CC- 20-00553-C against The Roman Catholic Diocese of Dallas and its Bishop, Edward J. Bums and former priest Richard Thomas Brown. The lawsuit alleges that when Brown was assigned as an as assistant pastor at Holy Family of Nazareth Church in Irving, he sexually molested and sexually assaulted the Plaintiff, who was...
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April is Sexual Abuse Awareness Month(SAAM). Each year, advocates attempt to further educate the public on prevention and offer support for survivors. But, in the midst of a global pandemic and with the social distancing mandates in place, support takes on new challenges. For many survivors, social distancing limits access to medical care, counseling services and community supports from fellow survivors and advocates. Further a crisis such as Covid-19 is...
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As Covid-19 spreads across the globe, “sheltering in place” for victims of abuse, especially Domestic Violence can cause immediate danger as they are forced to isolate with their abuser. The extreme lockdown with Covid-19, it makes it exponentially more difficult for a victim of domestic violence in the home to go somewhere else and escape abuse. “Perpetrators of domestic violence commonly try to isolate victims and cut off their relationships...
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