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What is grooming?  A recent Article in Psychology Today by Elizabeth Jeglic, Ph.D, contains important information for parents. As the author explains, “Grooming” is the  deceptive process sexual predators use to develop trust with a child-victim as well as other adults in the child’s life.  Grooming “desensitizes” the child to sexual content and physical contact. Post-abuse, the offender may engage in  other strategies in order to facilitate future sexual...
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Original Post Here: Civil Liability Involving Inpatient Suicide In most civil cases involving liability for someone’s death, it’s usually pretty easy to link the defendant (the person who is allegedly at fault) with the actions that caused the death (e.g., a driver runs a red light and strikes a pedestrian, killing them; a surgeon makes an obvious error during a routine procedure and the patient dies). This is also...
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This post is also featured on If your family is sheltering at home during COVID-19, it is  likely your children are spending a lot more time online. This can unfortunately  create a new set of challenges for every parent because  on-line sexual predators are also seeking out victims. Parents should be  extremely cautious of  “free” online educational resources. Your child should never have to provide a photo or their...
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Is Your Lawyer Trauma Informed A “trauma-informed lawyer” is one who is experienced in representing victims of trauma, especially victims of crime.  Because litigation itself  can be a  traumatic process, it is important  to hire a lawyer who recognizes the role trauma plays in the lawyer-client relationship so as not to revictimized  the client.  A lawyer  experienced in trauma-informed practices allows you and your  lawyer  the opportunity to increase connections...
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Sexual Abuse by a medical or therapeutic provider is not only a violation of trust and medical ethics but, in many States, it is a violation of criminal and civil law. When you go to the doctor, dentist, hospital, counselor, physical therapist, or any other medical or therapeutic professionals, trust is inherent. But, unfortunately, sexual assault and sexual abuse in a medical setting is more prevalent and often under-reported or...
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