Bystander Intervention: What is It and Why it is Necessary to Prevent Sexual  Violence

If you’re a college student was at a party and saw someone making unwanted sexual advances toward another student who was intoxicated, would he intervene?  What about in response to rape joke or a sexually explicit photo or video of a classmate posted on social media?  For the first time, sexual violence prevention strategies including “bystander intervention” are being discussed and taught at universities and colleges in response to recent government scrutiny about  how universities are handling reports of sexual assaults on campuses.

So, what is bystander intervention?  Simply put, it’s when someone interrupts a potentially harmful situation. It also includes stopping actions or comments that promote sexual violence.  As Tracy Cox, spokeswoman​ for the National Sexual Violence Resource Center,​ stated  “It is common for people to witness situations where someone makes an inappropriate sexual comment or innuendo, tells a rape joke, or touches someone in a sexual manner. Bystanders who witness these behaviors can intervene in a way that will help create a safer environment.”

For college kids, this could mean making sure that the drunken student at the party gets  home safely or when they  hear  a rape joke  or  a victim shaming comment, telling  the group why it’s wrong. Even in social media situations, a “virtual” bystander can intervene by defending a someone who is being sexually exploited or humiliated online.

While all of this may sound heroic, many young people may fear for their own safety, struggle with peer pressure​ or worry about being embarrassed.  While conversations about sexual violence can be uncomfortable for parents, some useful information on this topic can be found at

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