Clergy Sexual Abuse

clergy abuse

Experience Matters In Cases Involving Clergy Sexual Abuse. Clergy are ordained to provide spiritual guidance to their congregation. Members of the church seek counsel for how they should live and for the care of their souls in anticipation of afterlife. When religious figures exploit their positions of such extraordinary power to commit sexual abuse, they can destroy the foundation necessary for faith and trust. It is the profound consequence of an unspeakable sin and crime perpetrated upon trusting children and vulnerable adults.

Tahira Khan Merritt helped litigate the largest jury award in Texas involving clergy sexual abuse. She served for the State of Texas as a special prosecutor and has litigated cases that involved the criminal prosecution and incarceration of five former clergy for child molestation.

The Law Office of Tahira Khan Merritt helps victims who have suffered sexual abuse by priests, pastors, ministers and other religious authority figures. We empower victims with recourse through the civil justice system, even if the abuse occurred years ago. Having successfully litigated numerous cases against religious institutions, Ms. Merritt has the necessary experience you can rely upon. Her firm represents individuals nationwide. We accept referrals from lawyers all over the United States. Contact our law office in Dallas at (214) 503-7300.

Victims Suffer Harm Even After The Abusive Acts Stop

The physical aspects of sexual abuse are traumatizing, but the suffering rarely ends with the act itself. Victims suffer injuries to their psyche, causing misplaced feelings of shame or guilt. They often fear reporting abuse because they are threatened with damnation or retaliation. Such spiritual damage and psychological trauma can have lifelong ramifications, leading to low self-esteem, body image problems, trust issues in relationships, sexual promiscuity and drug addiction, among other problems.

Children and their families can be re-victimized by the abusers and their church when they retain perpetrators, attempt to silence victims, fail to report the crime to civil authorities or cover up sexual abuse. Texas law provides civil causes of action against the abuser as well as the religious entity when its actions contributed to the harm before or after the abuse took place. Since relevant law is complicated and varies from state to state, you need an attorney who practices exclusively in this complex area of law.

Achieve Justice Through A Civil Lawsuit | Contact Tahira Khan Merritt In Confidence

Sexual abuse is not easy to talk about with others. It is a painful and private experience. We know that it takes time to feel comfortable sharing your story, but there are certain aspects of the law that, if ignored and delayed, can seriously impact your case.

If you have suffered sexual abuse, you may be able to hold religious figures and their religious institutions accountable for their actions in civil court. At no cost to you, call our law office at (214) 503-7300 or complete our form online to arrange for a confidential consultation. Your privacy is paramount.