Sexual Abuse In Schools-A Growing Problem

Educational institutions are intended to cultivate learning and encourage children and young adults to develop in safe environments. Yet, as more awareness is brought to the issue of child sex abuse, we are forced to face the reality that molestation, abuse and rape occur in schools across the nation. The true extent of the problem is hidden by the fact that private and public schools not only sometimes fail to report sexual abuse but often actively cover it up.

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The Law Office of Tahira Khan Merritt helps victims file civil lawsuits against offending educators and their enabling institutions. It is a complex process that can help victims and their families find closure in a number of different ways. A lawsuit exposes perpetrators, acknowledges pain and suffering, provides compensation for therapy and forces educational institutions to take action that may prevent future abuse.

Students From Kindergarten To College Need Protection

Students most often suffer abuse at the hands of people they know who have taken advantage of their positions of power and trust. The law often requires institutions to put policies in place that help prevent this from happening, including carefully hiring, training and supervising employees. They may also have a legal obligation to investigate and report suspected or actual abuse.

Our law firm has the experience necessary to handle complex civil lawsuits involving:

educational institution


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