Lawsuit against Moss Point School District



By Tahira Khan Merritt

A  lawsuit filed Tuesday against Moss Point School District in South Mississippi  claims  gay students are routinely bullied. The Southern Poverty Law Center filed the  case in U.S. District Court  against  Moss Point School District, board, superintendent and the former principal of Magnolia Junior High School.

The victim, 17-year-old Destin Holmes, alleges she and other gay and transgender students, or those who are perceived to be, are subjected  to  name calling and other slurs  like “freak” and “it”. One student  even attempted suicide as a result of the bullying according to the suit papers.

Bullying in whatever form , whether targeting a child’s sexual orientation or physical appearance  is totally unacceptable in our  society especially our educational institutions. The effects of this form of abuse can be life-long  and devastating to victims.  Lawsuits such as this one are necessary to  hold organizations and individuals who engage in, condone, promote or enable bullying  be held accountable.










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