New lawsuit filed for sexual assault against Massage Envy Fort Worth Texas

Date: Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Law Offices of Tahira Khan Merritt PLLC ( filed a lawsuit today in the 342nd Tarrant County District Court, Fort Worth, Texas. The case seeks to recover civil damages arising out of sexual misconduct  at the Massage Envy Spa, Montgomery Plaza, 2600 West 7th Street, Fort Worth, Texas  by  Registered Massage therapist Sting Ray Salgado.

The victim, identified only by the pseudonym Jane Doe 115,  alleges that  on or about September 12, 2017,  Sting Ray Salgado,  a licensed  massage therapist  employed at the Montgomery Plaza Massage Envy, Fort Worth, Texas sexually assaulted  her during the course of a massage.  She immediately reported the assault to Massage Envy. But, as the lawsuit alleges, after Jane Doe 115’s report to the Massage Envy Spa, another woman was assaulted by Salgado at the same location.

Nationwide, at least 180 people have filed sexual assault civil suits, police reports or complaints to state boards against Massage Envy, its franchises and their employees, according to a BuzzFeed News investigation.

Companies like Massage Envy are required to put policies in place that help prevent sexual assault from occurring such as screening potential employees, supervising massage therapists and providing staff with adequate training. The law also requires massage facilities investigate even suspected abuse and report it to police.

If you are a victim, please know there are criminal and civil remedies available. Embarrassment and fear often prevents women from reporting sexual assault by a massage therapist, however, if these perpetrators are not reported to law enforcement they can easily work at another spa and prey on another victim. You can also report to your state’s licensing board.

If anyone has information that might aid the police in their investigations of Sting Ray Salgado, please contact the Fort Worth Police Department.  You may  direct any further questions you may have to  our law firm at 214-503-7300 or 214-537-3789 or

The Law Office of Tahira Khan Merritt exclusively represents victims of sexual abuse and sexual assault. We stand ready to help you with your legal needs. If you were sexually assaulted or sexually abused, our law firm can help explain your legal remedies.  For more than twenty years, we have represented victims of sex crimes in civil cases against institutions. You may confidentially contact our office at 214-503-7300 or through our website :

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