This week, actress and animal activist Pamela Anderson disclosed during a speech  given at the Cannes Film Festival in France to  her animal rights charity—The Pamela Anderson Foundation—, the horrific  sexual abuse she suffered as a child. She told the audience that because of the abuse she had a hard time trusting humans  so animals became her “real friends.”  While celebrities often use their fame to raise money and awareness for  a cause, to  “make a difference” in the world , it is unusual for  a famous person to disclose such a private “secret”. Child sexual abuse is still a taboo subject for many.  When a famous person makes such a public disclosure they risk scrutiny of their image.  For Ms. Anderson who is known for her “sexy” roles and   controversial “sex tapes”, could her fans view her differently?  I certainly hope so.   Ms. Anderson’s brave disclosure could help victims who have harbored painful memories of childhood sexual abuse come forward find their own  to voice.  She can empower others with her story of survival.


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