Teachers, coaches, counselors & priests are all people we trust with our loved ones. The legal system gives you an opportunity to confront your issues & finally exert power over those who abused you.

Legal Remedies

Teachers, coaches and priests are all people we trust with our children and ourselves.  When that trust is abused by sexual predators, our entire society is violated.  If you are a victim of sex abuse, there are many reasons to come forward.  The legal system gives you an opportunity to confront your issues and finally exert power over those who abused you.

Victim Advocate

Lewcon serves as a special consultant and victim advocate for the Law Office of Tahira Khan Merritt. He is not a lawyer but his experience as a survivor makes him an invaluable resource for our law firm. When he was a teenager, Dave was sexually abused and exploited by a Catholic priest. Because of his own experiences as a victim whose trust was betrayed by a religious authority figure, Dave brings compassion and a confidential perspective to his role as a victim advocate for our clients

Reporting Abuse

If you suspect that your child or any other child is a victim of sexual abuse, you are required to report it to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (commonly referred to as Child Protective Services or C.P.S.) or to a law enforcement agency within 48 hours. Reporting child sexual abuse can prompt state authorities to investigate and prosecute sex offenders and protect other children.

Why File A Civil Suit?

Sexual abuse is a crime. In the criminal justice system, a judge and jury can convict perpetrators. The court can require incarceration, restitution and registration as a sex offender. These consequences penalize the past actions of the perpetrator. A civil suit can hold offenders and contributing third parties liable for the physical, mental and emotional damage a victim has suffered and will continue to suffer.

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