Legal remedies

You may be entitled to compensation for emotional damages

Teachers, coaches, counselors, therapists and priests are all people we trust with our children and ourselves. When that trust is abused by sexual predators, our entire society is violated. If you are a victim of sex abuse, there are many reasons to come forward to seek legal remedies. The legal system gives you an opportunity to confront your issues, perpetrators and finally exert power over those who abused you.

legal remedies for emotional damages Emotional Damages

Many sexual abuse victims feel a sense of shame and are reluctant to tell anyone what happened to them even though the abuse occurred many years before. However, for pedophiles and other perpetrators, silence and the passage of time merely allow the pattern of abuse to continue unchecked.

legal remedies include financial damages Financial Damages

You may be entitled to compensation for financial damages caused by the abuse sustained. This includes but is not limited to lost wages and money spent on therapy.

legal remedies for other children Protect Other Children

Many victims want to protect other children from the same abuse. When sexual predators are publicly exposed in civil or criminal cases, other children are protected. Other victims may even develop the courage to come forward.

When institutions are held accountable for monetary damages by civil juries, they are motivated to change how they screen and select the employees and volunteers they hire. They also may change their institutional culture and protocol of covering up for abusers.Since 1992, Tahira Khan Merritt has exclusively represented victims of sexual abuse and sexual assault. We litigate these cases against churches, organizations and corporations that have sheltered their abusers. We are dedicated to helping victims find justice and healing by exposing the truth about sexual predators and the entities that conceal them. Whether you were a victim as a child or as an adult, contact us today and see if we can help.