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Religious Abusers And Enablers Prey On Innocence And Trust

Seeking justice for survivors and their families throughout Texas and the United States.

It has taken many years and significant courage for some victims to reveal the reality of sexual abuse by religious authorities. Some Catholic priests, Lutheran pastors, Protestant ministers, Jewish rabbis and other spiritual leaders grossly abuse their power by committing unconscionable sexual abuse and exploitation that can cause lifelong damage affecting all aspects of victims’ lives.

Sexual Abuse In Schools-A Growing Problem

Educational institutions are intended to cultivate learning and encourage children and young adults to develop in safe environments. Yet, as more awareness is brought to the issue of child sex abuse, we are forced to face the reality that molestation, abuse and rape occur in schools across the nation.

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When Sexual Abuse Occurs At Healthcare Facilities

There are times in life when we must rely on others to provide care for us or a loved one. Whether for our own health or the well-being of our children, we entrust them with great responsibility. Some take advantage of our trust and their responsible positions to commit sexual assault or sexual abuse.

Youth Serving Organizations Are Required By Law To Protect Your Child

State and federal laws require youth sports and recreational organizations to put procedures and guidelines in place that protect your child from sexual abuse. You can bring a civil action on behalf of the victim of sexual assault or abuse when the organization