#Me Too

İddaa Oyun Siteleri

In the year of 2017, sexual harassment and assault has been brought some much needed attention from the national media. What started with Harvey Weinstein has launched a frenzy of high-profile celebrities as well as everyday Americans ready to tell their “#Me Too” stories. Nearly 1 in 5 American women are sexually assaulted in their lifetime with a much higher number experiencing sexual harassment. Unfortunately, most sexual harassment and assault goes unreported for a variety of reasons. These include, possible loss of employment, discrimination, fear and even potentially legal repercussions for themselves. Did you know that some women have been ticketed and even arrested for coming forward with true rape accusations to law enforcement? “Lying” about rape can result in a fine and in extreme cases some time in jail, but who determines the lie? Just because the jury finds someone not guilty does not mean the assault didn’t happen and just because a person does not show “standard victim emotions” does not mean they aren’t a victim. With society as a whole becoming more transparent about their past problems with sexual assault and harassment we must look towards the future. When a woman can just claim a man assaulted her and he gets arrested on the spot, the system is broken. But when a woman can’t even report true sexual abuse to the police without worrying she is going to be arrested, the system is even more broken. For society to take steps in minimizing sexual abuse, we first need a system that doesn’t condone it. Raising awareness about the issue, understanding that most potential victims are being honest, and conforming your own behavior to help minimize the chances of abuse are all important in creating a more positive and understanding society.


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