Tahira is Your Sex Abuse Lawyer for Kids in Youth Organizations

State and federal laws require youth sports and recreational organizations to put procedures and guidelines in place to protect your child from sexual abuse.

Youth-Serving Organizations Are Required By Law To Protect Your Child

  • Fails to conduct adequate background checks
  • Inadequately supervises those in positions of power, including both employees and volunteers
  • Inadequately trains or fails to train employees and volunteers about abuse prevention
  • Does not investigate or respond to actual or suspected abuse
  • Attempts to cover up or fails to report actual or suspected abuse
  • Does not have policies in place that create a safe atmosphere

We Can Help You Obtain Justice for Your Child with a Civil Lawsuit

Sports leagues, summer camps, youth clubs and other organized activities are important aspects of growing up in the United States. However, operating such recreational organizations such as the YMCA or Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America is a significant responsibility. Parents trust those in charge to keep their children safe. When children are sexually abused while in their care and custody, the organizations themselves may be held liable for damages in a civil lawsuit.

We understand the complex laws and unique challenges involved in these cases.  We will guide you through the entire process.

When Recreational Organizations Fail Your Child

The Law Office of Tahira Khan Merritt can help you and your child obtain justice through a civil lawsuit. We understand the complex laws and unique challenges involved in these cases.

As parents, we were in a free-fall of disbelief, anger, confusion, despair. We felt we had been abused as well. Ms. Merritt and her staff were wonderful – our safety net in the most turbulent time of our lives.” — Client testimonial, parents of abuse victim age 9

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